• L A N D

    Terrestrial laser scanners provide detailed and highly accurate 3D data rapidly and efficiently.

  • A I R

    Precision aerial mapping survey using airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) provide very high resolution imagery and topographic surface.

  • S P A C E

    High resolution earth imagery from satellite provides geospatial solutions to help decision-makers better understand our changing planet to save lives, resources, and time. 

  • S T R A T O S F E R
    High quality imagery and sensor data from the stratosphere offer persistent observation of areas of interest for days, weeks, and months at a time. Closer to the Earth offer excellent resolution and accuracy.

Who Are We?

Indonesia adalah negara yang berkembang. Banyak kegiatan pembangunan yang sedang berlangsung dan akan direncanakan. Berbagai kegiatan perencanaan pembangunan tak lepas dari kebutuhan akan data spasial yang teliti. Garisposisi Nusantara merupakan perusahaan yang menyediakan solusi data dan teknologi geospasial baik untuk pemerintahan maupun kalangan swasta.

Garisposisi Nusantara berdiri pada tahun 2015 yang bergerak di bidang penyedian data geospasial. Data yang kami sediakan adalah data citra satelit dan data ketinggian resolusi tinggi. Seiring dengan perkembangan dan kemajuan dalam teknologi geospasial, Garisposisi Nusantra ingin berdiri sebagai penyedia solusi teknologi dalam memenuhi tantangan dan kebutuhan akan data dan informasi geospasial untuk mendukung program pembangunan demi kemajuan bangsa.

Tantangan dalam bidang geospasial saat ini bukan hanya dalam penyediaan data yang akurat, namun bagaimana dapat diperoleh informasi spasial yang dapat bermanfaat dalam pengambilan keputusan.

Selain sebagai penyedia data geospasial, Garisposisi Nusantara mengembangkan usaha bisnis nya dalam dalam bidang survey pengambilan data melalui sensor kamera resolusi tinggi dan LIDAR. Langkah ini diambil untuk menjawab tantangan dalam perkembangan di bidang geospasial dan kebutuhan terhadap data dan informasi spasial 3D. Teknologi yang digunakan dibarengi dengan penggunaan software yang mampu mengolah dan menganalisis data secara komprehensif.

Garisposisi Nusantara telah bekerjasama dengan berbagai perusahan penyedia data dan teknologi yang telah terpercaya baik dari dalam maupun luar negeri.

Our Services

High-resolution Satellite Imaging Access

Cloud-based virtual direct access system that provides direct satellite access without the need to invest in infrastructure. Rapid Access program gives you virtual control of the full Maxar high-resolution satellite imaging constellation through priority tasking, predictable access, and optimizable imagery operations for precise control of your mission.

Key Features :

◦ Highest-quality commercial imagery: highest resolution (up to 31-centimeters [cm] at nadir) and greatest spectral diversity with geolocation accuracy exceeding 4-meters CE90 (without ground control)

◦ Priority access: assured, predictable satellite access through the highest available tasking priority, typically awarded only to Direct Access Program customers

◦ Speed & flexibility: receipt of imagery products within six hours of collection and ability to adjust collection requests up to 90 minutes before access based on the latest intelligence

◦ Security & privacy: operations within a secure and private end-to-end workflow for all communications with DigitalGlobe with user authentication

◦ Private, online archive: dedicated virtual environment accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

◦ Total investment in access time: no hardware/software requirements; only a web browser is required

Persistent, Near Real Time Remote Sensing

The Stratolite balloon product from World View offers a variety of benefits for its operation, such as low cost, fast launch, low risk of impact and innovative new development, ability to navigate and maneuver over certain regions. The balloons operating in the stratosphere (from 17 to 22 km above ground level).

This system is able to provide various services, including wireless communication networks, monitoring and as well as aerial mapping. This system is also able to provide real-time observations with the support of operating stations on land.

Stratolite capabilities :

• Day/night persistent remote sensing

• Near real-time imagery capture and analysis

• Near real-time target and/or event identification for swift response efforts

LIDAR & Photogrammetric Aerial Mapping

The Aerial Mapping Survey system consists of higher peformance of LIDAR & Photogrammetry imaging technology. The affordable Leica ALS80 LiDAR system features industry leading 1.0 MHz pulse rates and allows you to produce highdensity point clouds for general purpose mapping in a fraction of the time. Perform high-AGL mapping with nearly 8 km swath and with the fastest acquisition rates at all flying heights, even on low reflectivity targets. Imagine producing high density point clouds for corridor, urban, flood plain or general-purpose airborne mapping in a fraction of the time it took previously.

The Leica RCD30 is not only a true imaging innovation, it remains a masterpiece. This unique airborne camera offers performance that is otherwise only known from large format airborne sensors at a lower cost and thus makes digital multispectral photogrammetry available to everyone.

3D Modeling and Visualization
• Allows any physical object on earth to be recreated in a computer
• Using DEM (Digital Elevation Model) or DSM (Digital Surface Model) to represent bare earth

Vegetation Model
• Allows any physical object on earth to be recreated in a computer
• Using DEM (Digital Elevation Model) or DSM (Digital Surface Model) to represent bare earth model or surface model on it

Urban Planning
• Explore several aspects of the built and social environments
• Provides -3D city modeling
• LIDAR data can be incorporated into relief, rescue and flood simulation software to provide advanced

Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

The ThunderB® is a small sized tactical UAV (32Kg, 4m wing-span), with innovative, impressive and effective capabilities. Due to its long endurance capability (24 hours), its extended control range (up to 150km), and its triple CCD, cooled IR and optional laser pointer payload The ThunderB is a perfect solution for long ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) missions, mapping on demand for open area as well as urban scenarios for military, peace keeping, low intensity conflict, security, law enforcement, S&R, disaster management and commercial applications.

The ThunderB UAV has the ability to carry small cargo units (capsules) under each wing, and release the cargo automatically or by a GCS command. Upon automatic release of the capsule, it will reach the target with high accuracy following a ballistic trajectory. The cargo capsules can also be dropped with the aid of a small parachute to prevent damage to fragile items.

Capabilities :

  • Endurance – Unprecedented endurance of Up To 24 hour mission time
  • Extended control range – Up to 150 Km Based on its advanced digital communication technology
  • Around-the-clock Forward Observer – The ThunderB can deliver up to 15 hours (!) on station located 150Km from its GDT position, carrying T-STAMP triple sensor (CCD / cooled IR / laser) payload
  • High-Quality video – The UAV can transmit FULL-HD video (1080P)
  • Thermal mapping payload – Unique, Proprietary high-resolution radiometric mapping payload, for oil spills detection even when the oil pipe is under the ground
  • Mission continuity in GPS Denied Environment – Multi-layer protection against GPS Jamming, for mission continuity in GPS Denied Environment
  • Variety of Payloads incl. Unique mapping payload – Dual or Triple CCD, IR and optional laser pointer gimbaled and stabilized payloads and/or optional high resolution gimbaled and stabilized scanning photogrammetric payload
  • Severe weather operation – Supporting missions in severe weather with winds of up to 45knts and rain of up to 10mm/h.
  • Covert operation – Low acoustic, thermal & visual signature (undetectable at ~500m)

Our Works

Pengadaan Data Ketinggian untuk area Jalan Tol Padang-Pekanbaru
Survey Pemetaan Topografi menggunakan Drone di Buton
Pemetaan Udara menggunakan Drone Area Luwuk, Lamongan dan Jawa Barat
Akuisisi dan Pengolahan Foto Udara Kota Sumbawa
Pengukuran Deformasi Teliti Jembatan Penggaron
Pemetaan Danau Aneuk Laot menggunakan UAV LIDAR
Survey Foto Udara menggunakan Drone di Padang

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