High-resolution Satellite Imaging Access

Cloud-based virtual direct access system that provides direct satellite access without the need to invest in infrastructure. Rapid Access program gives you virtual control of the full Maxar high-resolution satellite imaging constellation through priority tasking, predictable access, and optimizable imagery operations for precise control of your mission.

Key Features :

◦ Highest-quality commercial imagery: highest resolution (up to 31-centimeters [cm] at nadir) and greatest spectral diversity with geolocation accuracy exceeding 4-meters CE90 (without ground control)

◦ Priority access: assured, predictable satellite access through the highest available tasking priority, typically awarded only to Direct Access Program customers

◦ Speed & flexibility: receipt of imagery products within six hours of collection and ability to adjust collection requests up to 90 minutes before access based on the latest intelligence

◦ Security & privacy: operations within a secure and private end-to-end workflow for all communications with DigitalGlobe with user authentication

◦ Private, online archive: dedicated virtual environment accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

◦ Total investment in access time: no hardware/software requirements; only a web browser is required