Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

The ThunderB® is a small sized tactical UAV (32Kg, 4m wing-span), with innovative, impressive and effective capabilities. Due to its long endurance capability (24 hours), its extended control range (up to 150km), and its triple CCD, cooled IR and optional laser pointer payload The ThunderB is a perfect solution for long ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) missions, mapping on demand for open area as well as urban scenarios for military, peace keeping, low intensity conflict, security, law enforcement, S&R, disaster management and commercial applications.

The ThunderB UAV has the ability to carry small cargo units (capsules) under each wing, and release the cargo automatically or by a GCS command. Upon automatic release of the capsule, it will reach the target with high accuracy following a ballistic trajectory. The cargo capsules can also be dropped with the aid of a small parachute to prevent damage to fragile items.

Capabilities :

  • Endurance – Unprecedented endurance of Up To 24 hour mission time
  • Extended control range – Up to 150 Km Based on its advanced digital communication technology
  • Around-the-clock Forward Observer – The ThunderB can deliver up to 15 hours (!) on station located 150Km from its GDT position, carrying T-STAMP triple sensor (CCD / cooled IR / laser) payload
  • High-Quality video – The UAV can transmit FULL-HD video (1080P)
  • Thermal mapping payload – Unique, Proprietary high-resolution radiometric mapping payload, for oil spills detection even when the oil pipe is under the ground
  • Mission continuity in GPS Denied Environment – Multi-layer protection against GPS Jamming, for mission continuity in GPS Denied Environment
  • Variety of Payloads incl. Unique mapping payload – Dual or Triple CCD, IR and optional laser pointer gimbaled and stabilized payloads and/or optional high resolution gimbaled and stabilized scanning photogrammetric payload
  • Severe weather operation – Supporting missions in severe weather with winds of up to 45knts and rain of up to 10mm/h.
  • Covert operation – Low acoustic, thermal & visual signature (undetectable at ~500m)